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Pitot Static Test Equipment and RVSM Air Data Accessories Kits

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Nav-Aids air data kits contain the pitot/static test equipment, adaptors and hoses required to perform an air data test as required by the aircraft manufacturer's maintenance manual.

All of our test adaptors and kits are manufactured to the highest standards given by Aircraft Manufacturers, Pitot / Static Probe manufacturers, Military and Civil Aviation Authorities and are guaranteed to be leak-proof to 95,000 feet test altitude.

Learn more about the technical specifications of our air data accessories kits and products. 


Pitot Static Test Adapter kits are Available for all aircraft and helicopter types and models

Aero, Astra, ATP, ATR, AVRO, BAC, BAE, BD, Beech, Bombardier, Canadair, Casa, Cessna, Dash, Dornier, Embraer, ERJ, Falcon, Fokker, Galaxy, Gulfstream, Hawker, Jetstar, Jetstream, Katana, Learjet, Metroliner, MU, PC, Piaggio, Piper, Robin, Raytheon, Sabreliner, Saab, Shorts, TB, Twin Otter, Turbo Commander, Viscount, Westwind, Airbus, Boeing, Convair, DC, Lockheed, MD, McDonell Douglas, Aerospatiale, Eurocopter, Bell, Agusta, Westland, Space Shuttle

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