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Pitot Static Test Equipment and RVSM Air Data Accessories Kits

Nav-Aids Ltd ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Nav-Aids Ltd

Products available directly from Nav-Aids Ltd or from one of the Nav-Aids distributors

Nav-Aids Ltd of Montreal, Quebec

manufactures Ground Support Equipment (G.S.E.) for all segments of the aviation industry.

50 Years of Safety:

"Nav-Aids Ltd. Innovates Pitot-Static Test Adaptors"

Reprinted from Avionics News - June 2013

"Nav-Aids Ltd. - Trusted Manufacturer of High Quality Products"

Reprinted from the AVIONICS magazine

RVSM Testing

Nav-Aids Ltd. (RVSM) Air Data Accessories Kits contain all adaptors and hoses required to enable the connection of all static main and standby positions either individually or simultaneously as required.

For exact air data test procedures for each aircraft type, please refer to the Aircraft Manufacture's Maintenance Manual.

Online Manuals and Product information

Technical Information Guide for Nav-Aids Ltd Products

Seal Replacement Procedure for Pitot Static Test Adaptors

ASTK Kit Description

High Temperature Pitot Probe Covers

Lubricating Fluid - LF5050

Ground Support Equipment Product Types

Air Data Accessories RVSM Static Test Equipment
Pitot Static Test Adaptors Static Test Adaptors Static blanking Adaptors
Pitot Static Testers Pitot Probe Covers Static Port Covers

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Important Notice

Please be advised that Nav-Aids USA Inc., AKA Nav-USA Inc. is no longer authorized to act as distributor of the products of Nav-Aids Ltd of Montreal Quebec.

Should you have any outstanding orders for such products with Nav-Aids USA Inc. and AKA Nav-USA Inc., which have not yet been filled, we would request that you re-submit such undelivered orders as well as any future orders directly to Nav-Aids Ltd Fax. No. 514-332-6711 or toll free Tel. No. 1-877-332-3055.

Please be assured that Nav-Aids Ltd will provide all necessary technical support and back-up with respect to its parts and equipment previously purchased as well as for future purchases.

*Nav-Aids USA Inc. and NAV-USA Inc. are associated with the same Duns Number and Cage Code

More information on Nav-Aids Ltd vs. Nav-Aids USA Inc (Nav-Aids USA Inc, AKA Nav-USA)


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